Since my childhood I love to travel. Over 20 years of being a musician I traveled all over the world. Japan, Africa and almost every European contry visited.

In fact I traveled so much that after one week I was not able to remember where I was last week.

That time I was not a photographer. Just watched the scenery. I always fascinated about new culture. Talking with people and maybe the most important was the food.

Is not intersting that I one of my main field is a food photographer?

Since I started to travel to fashion weeks and got jobs abroad my travel photos started to grew.

In the past everybody thought I am so lucky because I travel and see so many places. It is true and not. We had mostly time only for stay there during the concert sleep and go away next day. But I did not sleep at all but went to the Bosphorus bridge middle of the night and get up early to be the first in the market where I can buy the fresh cheese in Italy.

I want to capture my travel stories in a different moody travel photographer artistic way. A vibe how I see the world around me.

I am happy this is my job from the Fashion Show from Paris street to the desert of  Jordan where I can photograph the sunrise.

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