Horváth Dániel

Photo and videography, lots of traveling is my daily life. One day at Paris Fashion Week shooting the street, next day in Sardinia talking about photography and self branding.

Originally I am a musician, I’ve been playing the drums for more than 30 years. I travelled all over the world from big stadium to small clubs.

Creativity is my call to action word. I want to try all segment of it. That is why I don’t have a major route what I am doing.

As a freelancer I want to inspire people to do what they love and in what they are talented.

daniel horvath stylish bearded man sitting on a vintage oldtimer ford car

I am official ambassador for Olympus cameras, Stetson hats and other brands.

My clients included PUMA, The Ritz-Carlton, Sofitel, Kinnarps, Manfrotto, Glamour and also GQ magazin. 

Other side of the camera as a fashion week enthusiast I appeared on the pages of New York Times, VOGUE, GQ, Vanity Fair and Esquire.

“The beard is not just a lifestyle, but a style. Developing your style your emphatic grows. ”

Daniel Horvath